WorldRP Game

I’m working with a few of my friends on a web-based technologically-assisted role-playing game where you play as an entire nation in a world full of other smaller nations. Plus, no AIs, all of the other nations are other players! Hopefully we can get an alpha version out soonish…

On the Shoulders of Giants Update

A preview of the cover by Scrap Princess just came in, and it’s amazing! I’m finishing up a few things writing wise and will need to commission a few more pieces, but then I’ll be able to finish it up. Hopefully I can get it out within a month or so; I really do want it to look great. I also just finished a freelance project for Amora Game so I should have some more free time to work on it as well!

More News

First, my crowdfunding campaign is still on track, and as the launch date is 2 days away, its exceedingly unlikely that it won’t launch on time! Second, I’ve begun working on a minor side project with my free time, Legends of Demigods and Daemons. TL;DR: Mash-up of Wushu and OSR goodness in Greek myth