More News

First, my crowdfunding campaign is still on track, and as the launch date is 2 days away, its exceedingly unlikely that it won’t launch on time! Second, I’ve begun working on a minor side project with my free time, Legends of Demigods and Daemons. TL;DR: Mash-up of Wushu and OSR goodness in Greek myth

Pagans of the Desolate Wastes and a New Review

I just reviewed Toon on my new review blog ( and have a major announcement to make!

Assuming everything goes according to plan, I will be launching an Indiegogo campaign for my module-cum-setting Pagans of the Desolate Wastes for Lamentations of the Flame Princess on July 10th! This is why I unfortunately haven’t been able to release as much stuff for Witches and Wyverns recently.

More on Expansions and Errata II

E&E II will contain the

  • Minstrel class
  • Jovian class
  • Background rules
  • Alternate magic rules
  • and other misc. bits and pieces

I’m currently polishing it up and finishing a few things. It should be on DTRPG soon.

Other News: I’ve been contemplating publishing a compiled version of Witches and Wyverns containing the core rules and the E&E material… Advanced Witches and Wyverns, Witches and Wyverns Complete…? More on that later.

EDIT: I removed background rules (/lifepath) to E&E III and E&E II has been submitted for approval on DTRPG.