New Product: One Page OSR Firearms and Hershey Family Bundle

Going live on DriveThruRPG soon, the new product One Page OSR Firearms provides a variety of statistics for flintlock firearms for OSR games, specifically Swords & Wizardry. As stated in the title, it is constrained to one page and as of such uses the existing ranged weapon rules for S&W.

Rick Hershey of Fat Goblin Games is running a charity bundle to pay for his wife’s medical bills. Over two hundred dollars of content from a variety of publishers for only twenty bucks is available here and I highly suggest you buy it.

Class-A-Week/First Products

Hello world! We look forward to bringing you many a product for your role playing experience and have quite a few products in progress for both Swords and Wizardry and Pathfinder. In order to kickstart our birth as a company, we will be releasing a class every week for our first month, or four different classes in total as PWYW titles on DriveThruRPG. In order, these classes will be:

  1. The Proteus, a versatile jack-of-all-trades
  2. The Storyteller, a hybrid class of the summoner and bard
  3. The Juggernaut, a master of momentum and inertia
  4. The Boozehound, an alcohol-fueled bar room brawler

Currently in the middle of setting up OneBookShelf accounts and such so there will be a delay before the first class can be published.