OGL Deity: Wragelmafth

“God of Bedlam, Vanquisher of the Weak”

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Domains: Animal, Chaos, Death, Evil, and Vermin

Symbol: Two snakes eating each other’s tails

Garb: Pelt of an albino wolf

Favored Weapons: Longbows

Form of Worship and Holidays: Unholy ceremonies involving the hunting of sentient humanoids. Special holy days on solar eclipses.

Typical Worshipers: Evil rangers and barbarians, particularly orcs and half-orcs

Information: Wragelmafth is an ancient god of slaughter in the wilderness. His first worshipers were a group of orcs known only as the Infernal Hunters. Wragelmafth used his deific powers to transform the orcs into his eternal servants and his avatars in the Material Plane. Wragelmafth typically resides in his personal domain, an unholy place of eternal bloodshed and hunting. Wragelmafth’s worshipers are rewarded in their afterlife by being able to hunt in his domain. Every day in Wragelmafth’s domain, dozens of elves are hunted and eventually killed. Any elves who manage to evade Wragelmafth’s worshipers are killed by Wragelmafth himself.

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