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First, my crowdfunding campaign is still on track, and as the launch date is 2 days away, its exceedingly unlikely that it won’t launch on time! Second, I’ve begun working on a minor side project with my free time, Legends of Demigods and Daemons. TL;DR: Mash-up of Wushu and OSR goodness in Greek myth

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  1. 01. I don’t find a photo of you anywhere. (As I’m male I tend to rather partake in projects of females.) Your first name (or maybe a nickname) Chance also doesn’t clear the mystery. But whatever your sex I find a campaign without a portrait photo, however small it may be, as incomplete.

    02. On the campaign page I find the term “off cost” which I interpret as some kind of reduction on the final price which I don’t know. How much percent off from what? International shipping costs are not specified either. So how do i know how much I will have to invest/put aside? I don’t find it satifying to calculate with something like unknown final price minus reduction of 30 USD + unknown amount of international shipping + 19% of German Einfuhrumsatzsteuer on price AND shipping and, finally, the conversion rate between Euro and USD…

    03. Basically the same – I can find no perk where I can order everything as a digital order (including final price + shipping), suitable for international customers who don’t want a physical delivery so no hassle with customs or as a complete collector’s edition (physical delivery worldwide here). So i want to pay upfront + everything is included – no fees afterwards.

    04. Most important question: What is your Plan B if the campaign fails? I give much more street credibility to campaign starters who have a good answer to that question. (A good answer here can mean that they have one at all in the first place or that they can come up with one at campaign’s end, for example pinpointing one to a project website/paypal campaign or maybe a patreon page. If they come up with nothing or only lament I don’t take them for serious or as inexperienced. I never set up a campaign myself but backed about 40 projects on different sites so I have some experience as to what can go wrong. I remember one case where the campaign starter complained that kickstarter didn`t do the marketing as he had assumed. Consequently he did no marketing of his own, scarce updates + ruined his whole campaign. EPIC FAIL! There were hundred of campaigns out there where he could have informed himself beforehand – why didn’t he? If you look closely these greenhorns often set up their very 1st or 2nd campaign but never backed one – again why? Another point would be the right timing (talk about your campaign’s end at the same date as Wasteland 02, The Bard’s Tale 04 or Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Adventure i.e . Massive Chalice/Broken Age).

    1. 1. I am male but could not use a picture of myself for personal reasons that I’m unfortunately currently not comfortable with sharing to the public. Sorry.
      2. An at cost discount means that you only pay what it takes to print and ship the item. As I will be using DriveThruRPG, this means that you’ll have to pay ~$2.02 plus shipping and that I will not be making any profit. All international shipping fees will be the same as the ones that DriveThruRPG uses and I have no control over what they may be. You can find rough estimates here:
      3. Do you mean the use of your likeness in an image and mention in the book as everything? The entire product as a PDF is contained in the $5 backing level.
      4. My plan B is either going to be polishing up the campaign and attempting a relaunch with a more finetuned strategy or saving up more funds so that I can pay for all artwork and layout myself. If I went down the relaunch path, if it failed again, I would begin to try to accumulate the funds myself. Regardless, I am committed to delivering this product regardless of the campaign’s success or failure. I have backed 3 crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter: Spheres of Might, Bloodlines and Black Magic, and The Happiest Apocalypse on Earth, but none on Indiegogo yet.

      Thanks for asking and I hope my answers are satisfactory.

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