Great Forums and Such

Just wanted to list a few forums and such that are useful for game designers and gamers. It’s not the authorative list, it’s just a starting point, yadda yadda.

OGL Deity: Wragelmafth

“God of Bedlam, Vanquisher of the Weak”

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Domains: Animal, Chaos, Death, Evil, and Vermin

Symbol: Two snakes eating each other’s tails

Garb: Pelt of an albino wolf

Favored Weapons: Longbows

Form of Worship and Holidays: Unholy ceremonies involving the hunting of sentient humanoids. Special holy days on solar eclipses.

Typical Worshipers: Evil rangers and barbarians, particularly orcs and half-orcs

Information: Wragelmafth is an ancient god of slaughter in the wilderness. His first worshipers were a group of orcs known only as the Infernal Hunters. Wragelmafth used his deific powers to transform the orcs into his eternal servants and his avatars in the Material Plane. Wragelmafth typically resides in his personal domain, an unholy place of eternal bloodshed and hunting. Wragelmafth’s worshipers are rewarded in their afterlife by being able to hunt in his domain. Every day in Wragelmafth’s domain, dozens of elves are hunted and eventually killed. Any elves who manage to evade Wragelmafth’s worshipers are killed by Wragelmafth himself.

Open Gaming License

Game Update: Cogs

This is meant to update old material from other publishers published under the Open Gaming License to the current popular rules set. For more information on converted material, please purchase the original product from the original publisher.

Cogs are clockwork automatons who suffered a mistake during their creation and gained sentience. The Turning Test is a series of questions required to determine whether a cog is truly sentient or not.

Racial Qualities:

  • +2 Constitution – Cogs are hardy due to their mechanical construction
  • Low-Light Vision: A cog can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight and similar conditions of poor illumination. It retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
  • Cogs can run indefinitely without tiring.
  • Material: The player chooses what material the cog is primarily constructed from; each material has its own characteristics, such as an armour bonus or an effect on ability scores:

Material                Natural Armour               Special

Flesh                     +2                                          -2 Charisma, heals +2 hp per Profession (Engineer) check

Wood                    +3                                          -2 Dexterity

Metal                    +4                                          -2 Dexterity, -2 Charisma

  • Cogs do not eat, sleep or breathe.
  • Unlike other constructed objects, cog characters are subject to critical hits due to the intricacy of their internal mechanisms.
  • Power Source: The internal power of a cog runs down and must be renewed. Each day, the cog suffers 2 points of battery damage per character level. Battery damage has the same effects as nonlethal damage for constructs. A cog can get rid of 5 points of battery damage by spending one full round rewinding himself. Electrical damage injures the cog normally but also heals battery damage at a rate of two points of electrical damage healing one point of battery damage.
  •  Cogs cannot heal damage on their own, but must be repaired. A Profession (Engineer) check on a cog works exactly like a Heal check would when treating the injuries of living characters or performing surgery, except that a cog may perform repairs upon himself. Healing spells, such as cure light wounds, work normally on a cog.
  • Since they were never alive, cogs cannot be raised or resurrected.
  • Construct – Cogs have the construct type but follow the statistics above when the construct type traits and the race statistics above clash.

Open Gaming License

Class-A-Week/First Products

Hello world! We look forward to bringing you many a product for your role playing experience and have quite a few products in progress for both Swords and Wizardry and Pathfinder. In order to kickstart our birth as a company, we will be releasing a class every week for our first month, or four different classes in total as PWYW titles on DriveThruRPG. In order, these classes will be:

  1. The Proteus, a versatile jack-of-all-trades
  2. The Storyteller, a hybrid class of the summoner and bard
  3. The Juggernaut, a master of momentum and inertia
  4. The Boozehound, an alcohol-fueled bar room brawler

Currently in the middle of setting up OneBookShelf accounts and such so there will be a delay before the first class can be published.